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Pipes & Bends-ETFE Coated

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ETFE coated Pipes & Bends
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  • Brand Name: ETFE coated Pipes & Bends


ETFE Coated pipes (internally) has excellent chemical, temperature and non-stick properties. Recommended for Chemical Industry.

ETFE is a thermoplastic Fluoropolymer. It is a copolymer comprised of tetraflouroethylene (C2F4) and ethylene (C2H4).




Chemical Resistance - Exhibits excellent chemical resistance even under stress and is stable against most chemicals.

Electrical Properties - Exhibits excellent insulation and stable dielectric properties at a wide range of temperatures.

Heat Resistance - Can be used within a wide temperature range, from -200?C to 150?C.

High Weather Resistance - No deterioration or change in properties as a result of direct sunlight, wind and rain or exposure to exhaust gases. Suitable for outdoor use over long periods.

Non-flammability/Safety - Meets UL specification 94V-O and is odourless and non-toxic.

Non-stick Suitable for a wide range of applications.

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